Saturday, May 26, 2007

Photos from Day 1 Pre-Race Plazascapades - Part 2

Here are a few more pictures from before the Race....use these for reference when you see pictures of the end of the race, how do those racers look after three glorious days?

Ursa Vehicularis - with the arm of their Rivals in the jaws of the Great Bear

The Tortiose and the Hare

Melvin...their 26th year..or is it the 23rd?

Foxie Boloxi and her peons

Frogzilla and Peon


Pilots of the craft from the Isle of the Lost Boys

Grandpa's Flying Machine....37 years of racing

High School Crew of Mac-n-Teansly from Burney, CA

Trash Can Noodle Float sculpture from the engineering students at Davis.

Another picture of the craft from UC Davis

Front end of Kanga-Rex

This pilot from Blaze of Glory looks like he's waiting for something to happen.

Super Hero and his Super Beatle

More Super Heros and the peons

Kween Shay

Knights of the Kween

A whole new meaning for 'Up a Tree'

Peons for Team Smile

Two of the 4 pilots for the Patriot Act

The other two pilots for the Pariot Act....I believe this sculpture only had two wheels last year, and the year it has three wheels....I wonder how the engineering change will affect them this race.

Patriot Act peon

Kinetic Queen Monica and her sister on the Plaza before the race.

Head of the Class...rivals to Ursa Vehicularis

Head of the Class giving glory to their sponsors

Bounce for Glory

Smile, you're being interviewd.

Side view of one great Smile

Funguy from June's Blooms

Rasta Impastas

The back end of June's Bloom

Pilot for Rasta Impasta

More Blooms of June

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