Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 2 Pit Stop at ENF Pix from US Celular

Day 2
We had a wonderful, nutritious and tasty lunch at Eureka Natural Foods. They treated all the pilots to a hot lunch and a rest off the clock before hitting the road and heading down the freeway. Our friends from US Cellular were there taking pictures and printing them on the spot and handing them directly to the racers. What kinetic spirit! By popular acclaim by the participants this was an excellent addition to the race and we hope to do it again next year!

Our lunch hosts: Ranger Rick & Honey Bear from Eureka Natural Foods

U.S. Cellular lunch photo stop
(they took these pictures and gave copies to the racers)

Another Kinetic Official

Lightning Bug

The Eureka Natural Foods Natty Bears

Cliff reporting from Uncatchable
Grandpa's Flying Machine

Compost Sheep & the Garden Girls

Solid Gold Fifi


Members of the Freelove Circus

The Hippiepotamus

The Where Horse Rider

Giant Kinetic Chicken
Created by June Moxon
with Pilot Anne

Man Eating Clam
Biking Fools

Big Top Kinetic Carnival
Fortuna East High


Art of the People
from Eureka High East Lab

The All Terrain Tiki Bar

Big Friendly Giraffe

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