Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Teddy Bear Contest is Back

Here are the official Teddy Bear rules as told by the Teddy Bear Lady herself, Judy. (by the way, Happy Birthday Judy!)

Kinetic Teddy Bear Contest

Somewhere, back in the early days, it seems that a problem arose when parents, Mothers especially, had a little difficulty in letting their children, husbands or significant other to take off on these crazy machines. I understand that scheming Mothers were trying to hold on to, or chasing after the machines, impeding the racers, not to mention traffic.

It was therefore decided to create a rule to help solve this problem. The TEDDY BEAR RULE came into effect to discourage Mothers from frantically cahsing after the machines. Each pilot is aloowed a Teddy Bear, big enough to fill a coffee cup, or a reasonable facsimile fro comfort, who will listend to your tales of woe, trials and tribulations, which they don't repeat or talk back.

Contest Rules

1. Contestant must start all three days of the race and in some manner be able to arrive in Ferndale on day three.
2. Presentation:
Location of bears
Visibility for viewing
3. Creativity
Theme carried through to reflect the machines/pilots
Bear or reasonable facsimile with a good story to convince the Judges that your critter really is a bear
4. Equipment
Your bear is also a pilot. Therefore he/she should be afforded the same level of comfort that the pilot has. If they are uner 18, they'll need a signed permission slip. They should also be safe for watercrossings as well as protection from sun, rain, and wind. What you carry, so should your bear.

This contest is about having fun with your Critters, being creative, and the chance to win this year's special trophy, designed for this 40th Kinetic Grand Championship.

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