Wednesday, May 14, 2008

2008 Preview

I can't believe it's time for the race again. The Goddess Jen-O has sent me a bit of race news that I will pass along. As you probably know, this is the 40th running of the race and we honor Hobart's memory with our fun and creativity. Therefore, this promises to be an excellent year. KHUM's kinetic blog will have bigger and better coverage than ever including video streaming!!!

Also, this Saturday night is the Rutabaga Ball at the Bayside Grange. If you're in Humboldt, please come and have fun with us as we crown a new Rutabaga Queen for 2008!!!

Now for the news:
Welcome back to the race for their 26th year Melvin. They have earned 19 ACE's, Grand Champion, First in Engineering, and art, racer's choice and more. We are always happy to see what they are up to.

Some of our Kinetic Lab-based eracers have had a few bumps in the road. I am happy to report that June Moxon is feeling well and healthy after a scare that landed her in the hospital earlier this year. Her co-pilot this year is none other than Hobart's daughter, Emily. Be looking for their laughing, gorgeous faces all over the race.

Also, Ken (Dr. of Kinetics) cut his finger this year working on his machine (not just a paper cut) but he is doing better and is working away.

Perhaps there is a minor curse on the lab, because Scott Cocking has also run into a spot of trouble (though thankfully not medical) where some parts he mail ordered for his machine never showed up and he's building a machine from scratch in just 3 weeks!!!

We also welcome back the Teddy Bear Award this year and assisting Judy, the Teddy Bear Lady, is little Jessiah Class who underwent a successful kidney transplant. Also rounding out the Teddy Bear judging are Sara and Tess Kraus (kinetic kids if there ever were some...Sara was in utero at her first race!) and Michael Berkowitz (Cliff and Amy's younger son.) The Teddy Bear contest rules will be posted here separately.

KUDOS to Monica for posting the excellent pictures of our new Rutabaga Queen!!! More on the glorious evening on another post.

Remember, this year our coverage will be expanded to include live video streaming right here. This promises to be a multi-media extravaganza.

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