Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rutabaga Queen

Wow! What a glorious Rutabaga Ball we had! Big thank you to all the volunteers, especially Night Hawk who totally rocked the Rutabaga Ball.

We had great contestants this year; I've never seen so many quality Princesses vie for the crown. All the ladies, and this year they were all ladies, had to compete in the Ball Gown & Question and Answer, perform a water crossing (in the Bayside Grange) and finally the "talent" portion of the evening. Throughout there was much bribery--all of it excellent!

Some of the highlights: Princess Emma's gown became a peacock kind of thing with a flick of her ribbons. Princess Sunshine actually donned a swimsuit to do her water crossing. Princess Island Fantasy gave an Island Fantasy flavored drink in a tiki cup.

The talent was stupendous:

Princess Rollin' Dutches with the Lasso of Justice actually roped one of her entourage. Princess Sunshine engaged in bribery for her talent. Princess Island Fantasy told jokes. "A rutabaga walked into a bar..." Princess Aphrodite did a WONDERFUL "jelly" dance with a scimitar balanced on her head. Princess Tinkerer Bell resuscitated a dead rubber chicken--symbolic of this year's race. And Princess Emma the Emchantress fought Darth Vader in a light saber duel. Upon vanquishing him, she made him "dance like a chicken!"

Although the competition was close (thank goodness I wasn't a judge). The judges, all of them past Rutabaga Queens: Queen Mo, Queen Pigtunia, Queen Monica, and most recent past Queen, Queen Harmony made the difficult decision:

All Hail Queen Emma!
Third time's the charm. Look for her glorious prescence all over the race attended by her royal court.


Harmony said...

Actually, I did NOT have anything to do with the deciding. I just walked by as they had made their decision and the four Queen Judges told me who they preferred. I did not get the definite decision until we were in front of the audience. So I was not a judge and I did not have anything to do with the decision. (But I did get bribes, because I was the then Queen)

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