Sunday, May 27, 2007

Photos from Day 2 Water Exit

1st out of the Bay, The Tortoise and the Hare

At the water Exit - #104, and Blaze of Glory

Ursa Vehicularis

Head of the Class coming in right behind their rival Ursa Vehicularis

Texas of the Armored Carp brigade.....see her helmet? Fabulous, yes? She only has it because I gave it back when she left it on the beach on Day 1...I wasn't going to give it back, but it seems that the Armored Carp has a deal with the one of them hunted me down on the beach and forced me to return the helmet.....I even saw that the Sheriff accepted a bribe from the Armored Carp in exchange for their search and seizure activities.

Patriot Act

Armored Carp heading out of the water....with Raiders of the Lost Art in the distance, getting lined up for their water exit.

Duane and the Armored Carp

The Pare County Chopper

June's Bloom on the water

The CCC sculpture - The Corpie Cruiser

Could this be a pirate heading up the ramp?

The Red Rocket, not-rocketing up the ramp.

The Deliverance Truck, up the ramp

Roll on the Mattole with their crew getting ready to come up the ramp.

Jungle Booggie

Kween of Kontroversy and her Krown Jewel with the Rampmister Dennis Mayo

Frogzilla trying to find his way to the ramp

Bikin' Fools finally made it to the ramp....the last ones for the day!

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