Monday, May 28, 2007

Kinetic Award Results

Hey Kinetic Race fans, here are most of the results from the awards banquet. These are all the official awards as recorded by the Goddess Jen-O. I know that there were a couple of others, and I am sorry not to post them here. If you received an award or know someone who did and it isn’t here, please e-mail us and we’ll make an addendum.

O.K. Here they are:

Spectators Award---Bounce for Glory

Spirit of the Race---Frogzilla

Golden Dinosaur---Kanga Rex
(1st to Break Down after leaving the Plaza)

6:32 Award ---Bikin’ Fools
(First ACE to miss gate closure on day 1)

Best Volunteer---Goddess Jen-O and Tina

Best Bribe---Foxy Queen’s Cadillac

Best Entourage---June’s Bloom

Best Pit Crew---Grandpa’s Flying Machine

Best Campsite---Berserker (Spontaneous Combustion)

Most Improved---Jungle Boogie

2nd To Last---Kanga Rex

Biggest Splash---Corpie Cruiser

Golden Flipper---Tall-E-Rodger
(1st to flip in the water)

Golden Flipper---Deliverance Truck (was speared by a tree)
(1st to flip at Dead Man’s Drop)

Goddess Jen-O Award---The Dave Pruitt Teams: Ain’t No John Deere, Monster Machine, & Mac-N –Teasley

Racers’ Choice Award---Usa Vehicularis

Mediocre Award---Wok on the Wild Side
(comes in dead middle)

ACE Awards:
Bounce for Glory
Deliverance Truck
Easy, That Was
Emperor’s New Machine
Foxy Queen’s Cadillac
Melvin (ACE #19!)
Patriot Act
Raiders of the Lost Art
Rhasta Imposta
Roll on the Mattole
Tortoise and the Hair

Seers (newly named this year)
Elliot Naess
Monica Topping
Shaye Harty
Harmony Groves
Emma the Emchantress

Speed Awards (must be ACE machines)
3rd---Roll on the Mattole 9:48
2nd---Smile 9:19
1st---Tortoise & Hair 7:47

Art Awards
3rd---Kween’s Karriage
2nd---June’s Bloom
1st---Armored Carp

Engineering Awards (must be ACE machines)
2nd---Easy, That Was
1st---Patriot Act

Grand Champion (best of Speed, Art & Engineering combined)
Deliverance Truck


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Link to videos of the race

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