Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How it's Made

Hi all,

Last Friday before the Rutabaga Ball, Cliff and I took a visit to the Kinetic Lab to show you some of the machines and props as they are being made.

Here is Ken Beidleman with "Grandma." She will be perched on top of the Deliverance Truck.

Ken reminds you that there will be a moving sale on the Plaza on Saturday from 10am to noon; at the top of Dead Man's Drop at about 2pm and on the Gazebo from 4 to 6:30. Bring your cash!

Here is June Moxon and me in front of her gorgeous sculpture "June's Bloom."

I'm not really taller than June; I was just wearing high heals for the ball, and my feet still hurt. Our support crew will be a swarm of bumble bees.

We carved the head pieces out of pink foam insulation. Here is Fun Guy Too showing you some in the early stages: they have been shaped and sanded.

When you see them they will be covered in fabric, rhinestones and have LOTS of personality.

This is Lush, our ringer artist, working on the machine.

If you're wondering what Dwane is up to this year, here he is with his machine the Armored Carp

Look closely! It's made from recycled kitchen goodies: pots, pans, colanders, etc.

And if you want to know what Scott's machine "Spontaneous Combustion" is like, all I can show you is its skeleton.

That's it for the sneek peeks until Saturday. See you on the Plaza. I'll be reporting from the back seat of June's Bloom.

For the Glory!


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