Saturday, May 26, 2007

From Six Rivers Charter High School!

Here is their unauthorized bio:

The Heads of the Class is mostly the brainchild of Nathan Gibbs, the art teacher at Six Rivers Charter High School. It was constructed by students and staff over the course of several months.

Each of the heads is the likeness of a Six Rivers student or faculty member. There are several pilots;

Principal Chris Hartley
Nathan Gibbs
Melanie Quillen
Mark Hertz
Steve Anderson

We had several generous sponsors in;
Henderson Center Bicycles
Redwood Coast Roofing
Evergreen Wireless
SRCHS expects to return next year "for the glory".


Killarney said...

Oh my gosh
I totally remember this one from last year. Ms. Q looks like she's having a lot of fun. I wish we could've done one this year but Gibbs wasn't there. Maybe next year

Killarney Roscoe
Six Rivers Charter High School Freshman

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